About Us

Some Things About Us

Magnus Publishing is small independent publishing house with precisely targeted academic publishing in Humanities and Social Sciences. We collaborate with potential authors, dedicated editors and reviewers to ensure high quality research publication.

Our publishing programme is to bring out the best research in print and digital format. We accept publishing proposals for conference proceedings, sole author book manuscript and edited book proposals.

We also publish an academic research journal The Context (ISSN 2349-4948) online, following our environment friendly green policy. Manuscripts for journal publication in digital format are invited from academic research scholars please read our call for papers. We accept proposals for book publication in print format.

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What We Do


  • Manuscript Review

    We suggest best practices and online training tools to research scholars regarding preparation of research manuscript, how to review journal article, and published academic book. Practicing researchers benefit from these tools for establishing their expertise.

  • Editorial Internship

    We call research scholars for editorial internship between April and July every year. Interested scholars are welcome to work with us, it is voluntary contribution. It will give you better exposure to the world of research and academic publishing.

Skill Description

Consulting: 20%


Research Tools: 60%


Copy editing: 90%


Peer Review: 99%


About us

  • Magnus Publishing House was started in March 2014 primarily as the publisher of The Context (ISSN 2349-4948) online only journal of literary and cultural studies.

    Our main objective is to publish books on recent research in humanities and social sciences.

    Our members of advisory board are experienced and experts in respective fields.



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