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Magnus Publishing invites your attention to the Call for Manuscripts for The Context Journal as per the following schedule.

The Context (ISSN 2349-4948) is a peer-reviewed / refereed international online journal of Arts and Humanities. It is published quarterly (January, April, July and October) in an open access domain by Magnus Publishing. The main objective of the journal is to provide a publishing platform to budding and established scholars. Academic research manuscripts are invited for consideration, produced by scholars who are interested in the areas such as:

Anthropology, Archaeology, Classics, Cultures, Economics, Education, English, Geography, Home Science, Information and Library Science, Linguistics & Languages, Literatures, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Physical Education, Psychology, Public Administration, Religious Studies, Sociology, Theater & Performing studies, Visual arts, etc.

Above areas are suggestive only, you may choose a topic of your own interest within the scope of the Journal. Unpublished manuscripts not currently under consideration by any other publisher are invited from scholars. Research students are encouraged to submit manuscripts for consideration.

We do NOT accept unsolicited book reviews and interviews for publication. Please write to us before submitting book reviews and interviews for publication.

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Manuscript guidelines

First page of the manuscript should contain name and institutional affiliation / full address of the author(s), one co-author is permissible. Text of the manuscript must precede a brief summary (abstract) of approximately 200 words and 3-5 keywords.

Type manuscript on A4 paper (8.29”x11.69”) double spaced with one inch margin and Arial typeface with 12 point, and submit as an email attachment. Keep word processing as simple as possible, give your own name to the word file. Please follow MLA (7th edition) style of documentation. Manuscript should range between 3000 to 5000 words. Author(s) bio note strictly not more than 50 words should be added at the end of the paper. We evaluate full submissions only. Only one co-author is permissible. Read details here.

Submit your manuscript online   In case if you face any issues submitting online contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Article processing charge includes fee towards manuscript originality check, copy editing, formatting, server hosting, digital preservation and 24/7 availability of published content online. Article submission charge is to be paid after the acceptance of manuscript preferably within 5 days of intimation email.

All manuscripts are fully peer-reviewed, give useful feedback to authors. We do careful copy editing and help published research reach wider audience through multiple online academic platforms. The Context being online journal has global readership of researchers thereby increases your article citation score.


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January Issue

15 December

1 January

April Issue

15 March

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July Issue

15 June

1 July

October Issue

15 September

1 October


Dear colleague,

Kumar Wani invites your attention to the open call for papers for a book in print with ISBN on Comparative Literature. Unpublished manuscripts not currently under consideration by any other publisher are invited from academicians, critics and scholars all over the world.

  • Tentative title of the Book: Comparative Literature Analysis and Interpretation
  • Name of Editor: Kumar Wani Assistant Professor of English
  • Last date of manuscript submission: 30 September 2017
  • Tentative date of book publication with ISBN: 25 October 2017


Literary texts are constructed through diverse historical and cultural experiences and worldviews. Literary texts in various genres and discourses embody particular aesthetics of particular cultures. Comparative study of different literatures and texts in their historical, cultural, and aesthetic contexts enables a clearer and detailed understanding of cross-cultural communication.

  1. Subthemes / Coverage of the topic
    • Survey of Indian literature
    • Indian novel, drama, poetry and prose
    • Asian literature and world literature
    • Indian American narratives
    • Novel and gender
    • Women’s literature
    • Postcolonial literature and film
    • Literature into film
    • Life stories and life writings
    • British literature and English language

[Articles on comparative literary theories, trends and approaches and methodology will be accepted from selected closed invitation only.]

  1. Standard requirements / selection criteria
    • Manuscript must clearly identify an issue worthy of sustained critical discussion and show the authors awareness of the relevant tasks.
    • Contributors must display the ability to appreciate and analyze literature in a social, historical, and cultural context; ability to compare and contrast at least three different issues from artistic representations and cultural traditions.
    • Manuscript must demonstrate careful reading of literary texts from the perspective of genre, theme, character, narrative point of view, structure, imagery and style.
    • Manuscript must demonstrate proficiency in the techniques of literary analysis and interpretation, for example integration of form and content; relationship between thematic content and socio-historical context.
    • Manuscript must display how selected texts fit into larger social, historical, cultural and aesthetic traditions.
    • Manuscript must effectively compare theme, issues and artistic treatments across texts and across cultural traditions.


  1. Editing requirements / manuscript guidelines: Manuscript should contain the name, affiliation, and contact details including email and mobile number of the author, also 50 words bio note. Only one co-author is permissible.
  2. Manuscript Format
    • Title (not more than 10-12 words)
    • Name of the author(s)
    • Designation and affiliation
    • Contact information – mobile number and working email
    • Postal address
    • Abstract (150-200 words)
    • Keywords (3-5 only)
    • Full paper (strictly between 4000 and 6000 words)
    • Works cited list
    • Bio note (50 words only)
    • Page size A4 (8.29”x11.69”)
    • Margin 1 inch all sides
    • Font & size – Arial 12point
    • Documentation style MLA 7th edition
    • Word file title - Your own name

Please send your manuscript as single word file attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All submitted manuscripts will be peer reviewed and decision of the reviewers will be sent accordingly to your email.

Processing Fee: 1200 INR / 55 USD (including courier charges)

After publication ONE complimentary copy of the book will be sent your postal address by courier (where possible) or by post.

Contact Information

Kumar Wani

Asst. Prof. of English

+91 8411 852 852

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Peer-review process

When the manuscript is received for consideration by email, it undergoes preliminary originality check with basic standards and adherence to the manuscript guidelines. If this is fulfilled, article is provisionally accepted for peer-review. We follow double blind peer-review process, in the next stage article goes to precisely expert advisory board member and an external reviewer. After receiving positive review reports only we will accept the manuscript for publication and intimation will promptly be sent to the author(s). If the article fails short in any area of presentation, such remarks from the reviewers will be forwarded to the author(s) for necessary revision. Revised article is expected within 20 days from the intimation; in case revised article is not received within stipulated time, publication of the issue will proceed without the awaited article and editors shall not be held responsible for any issue arising out of such conditions. The editors reserve the right to delete and/or alter the content of an article as they deem it fit for publication.


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